A bootable CD letting you easily recover data from a failed computer or transfer data between two working computers over a network. With as few as

three keystrokes, you can begin recovering your data even after your operating system has failed.

LifeBoat is the simplest and most convenient way to recover your data when your computer fails. No technical knowledge required; if you're unfamiliar with computer networking, Lifeboat includes a comprehensive manual to guide you through the recovery process.

Uses your existing network; Lifeboat copies data to your secondary computer, ensuring you're ready to get back to work fast.You don't need to open your computer's case and remove the hard drive, so there is no risk of voiding manufacturer's warranty.

Uses minimal hardware resources; Lifeboat can often recover data even when components such as your video card have begun to fail. If you have a crash, make sure you have a LifeBoat!

Here are some key features of "LifeBoat":

■ Lifeboat makes computer files immediately accessible and is compatible with all PC systems.

■ Lifeboat will safely rescue your files so you can get back to work.

■ Lifeboat is simple to use and lets you copy files from your "dead" computer to a working one.

■ Lifeboat makes repair faster and easier and can move large amounts of data.

■ Lifeboat is immune to viruses. (Make sure the computer receiving files has up-to-date anti-virus software.)