The sea has always been an uncharted part of our planet, even with our current top-end technology, so getting lost in it is a primal fear of ours.

Maybe that's why we find the guiding light of a lighthouse to be so soothing, and that is precisely the feeling that Lighthouse 3D Screensaver wants to induce.

While not much can be said about the graphics, other than it is dated, the music is worth spending some time talking about.

The musical score made up of orchestral music perfectly suits the timelessness of the overall feeling generated by being around a lighthouse next to the expansiveness of the sea.

The soundtrack also makes the occasional boat or seagulls flying above seem like nothing more than passersby next to an everlasting monolith.

Despite the open-world feel of the whole screensaver, it behaved flawlessly during testing, mostly thanks to the now dated graphics. Not even the wide stretches of water didn't seem to lower the FPS values at all.

For those of you using a much older computer system, you may be delighted to know that you may adjust several audio and graphics parameters from the screensaver manager's "Settings" menu. This ensured that everyone could enjoy this screensaver to its fullest.

One thing worth mentioning is that you can also set the screensaver to display the time, in both 12h and 24h formats, so it brings some utility as well.

Lighthouse 3D Screensaver doesn't impress too much with its graphics, but if you ignore it and just listen to the soundtrack alone, you can already imagine yourself standing at the base of such a great structure. The fact that this screensaver can stimulate the imagination with more than visuals is a testimony to how much it deserves a place in any screensaver amateur's digital library.

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