Some people love the seas, others love storms, fjords, and raging seas. Lighthouse Point 3D Screensaver is an app that will satisfy all of the above-mentioned tastes.

The 3D rendering of the entire environment is done so nicely, and although the shapes are a bit jagged and blocky and the textures a bit pixelated, the entire atmosphere created makes you overlook these details.

The scenery is made to look as if it goes one forever, as the sky and sea seamlessly merge into the horizon.

The music and sounds of storming waters crashing against the rock and the seagulls crying also add to the gloomy atmosphere of this seemingly abandoned monument of humankind.

Despite being built on a large scale, the low texture quality and polygon count make sure that this app's FPS never drops, regardless if you test it in screensaver or animated wallpaper mode. Despite this, those of you still using older systems may encounter performance drops.

In that case, several features can be adjusted or disabled altogether to ensure you have a smooth experience regardless of your system's requirements. For example, you can disable the high texture quality or the pixel shading, shadows or music.

Regardless if you are using a standard 6:9 monitor or multiple widescreen monitors, this app will deliver the same image quality, as it supports adjustable resolution, aspect ratio and can be run on multiple screens at once.

These settings can be either manually chosen, or you can let the app choose them automatically.

During testing, it was observed that the biggest performance boost was achieved after disabling the shadows.

Despite having visuals that are a bit dated, Lighthouse Point 3D Screensaver still manages to make a good impression with the overall atmosphere it creates, making it excellent for anyone, regardless of their system requirements.