Lightning Download is an application designed to provide users with the possibility to increase the speed of their file downloads.

The application comes in a small package, and can be installed on any PC within seconds. Setting it up is very easy as well, given that the tool automatically offers to takeover all of a browser's downloads.

To app places an icon in the System Tray area, and users can access its functions by clicking on it. Thus, they can set it to manage all of the downloads started in a browser, but they can also use it as a BitTorrent client, as it is capable of handling any .torrent file.

The software has been built with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, which functions as a download manager, allowing users to view info on the files they want to download, to remove them from the list, and start new downloads.

The application can be set to automatically start downloading files, but it also allows users to set specific options for the actions to be taken when a download is completed.

The application can be used to download files from a web page effortlessly, courtesy of a “Site Storm” feature, by simply entering the address of the target site or webpage. The tool offers support for a wide range of file types, which means that users can download almost anything with its help.

Users can modify the download acceleration that the program should apply to selected files, with five different levels available to choose from.

All in all, Lightning Download is an easy-to-use yet powerful application that can help users increase the speed of their file downloads, regardless of whether browser-generated ones or .torrent downloads. One thing to keep in mind, however, is the fact that other tools offer similar capabilities for free.

The application comes with different download acceleration levels, but it might slow systems down a bit when it needs to handle multiple files at the same time.