LilyBox is an interesting and easy to handle software solution developed to offer you a straightforward method of organizing all your files and folders, enabling you to access them from your desktop with just a few swift mouse moves.

Subsequent to the installation process, the application requires you to go through a setup operation, where you can input the name of your boxes and choose the icons that best represent their contents, being able to choose from a wide collection.

Once complete, a list of headers will appear on your screen, allowing you to edit its appearance from the right-click menu or move it around to a different position, where you can even lock it.

LilyBox helps you group your files according to their type or function, letting you sort them into pictures, videos, music, games, apps, or your documents into well-defined categories, of your own devise, enabling you to find them more easily.

In order to add documents to one of your boxes, you simply need to drag and drop them onto the targeted section, supporting any and all file formats.

Afterward, you will be able to access them from a drop-down menu, every time you click on the header, then choose which item you want to work with, if there are several options available, and they will open in their default software.

Moreover, you can even add EXE, LNK or BAT files to LilyBox, so you can launch them whenever you need, with one click on the proper entry.

To summarize, LilyBox is an appealing and fairly simple to understand utility whose main purpose resides in helping you thoroughly sort and structure your files, regardless of their type, allowing you to access them more easily from your screen.