LilySpeech is a powerful voice recognition software that can be enabled onto your machine globally and, as a result, used in various day-to-day applications.

When opening the program for the first time, you might have to wait a bit longer for the app to display the options. The first thing you see when the tool is ready to be used is the 'Settings' panel. In there, all the application's capabilities are laid out in a well-organized manner.

Firstly, there is the 'Instructions' part. In there, you should read the directions on how to appropriately handle the tool. Secondly, you can choose the Dictation language (which offers a plethora of languages and dialects), the hotkey that enables the dictation process, which microphone you want to use, and the text generation method.

The available dictation modes are normal, in caps, title case, lower case, or numbers. Even better, you can enable each specific mode with a different hotkey. Plus, you can configure the dictation preview, as well as the launch tab settings, and the app's startup options.

This application is user-friendly and super intuitive. Anyone can use and understand it fast. Another impressive feature of this tool is the 'Custom Word Replacement.' By accessing it, you open a new txt file. In there, you can associate words you dictate with other grapheme sequences. For example, you can configure that 'cat' equals 'dog,' and every time you will say 'cat' out loud, LilySpeech will write 'dog.' This option is particularly useful for those who work with documents or legal/scientific papers and want to avoid certain words.

This program is amazing and has a great level of compatibility with many different tools. It can write in documents, in browser search bars, in browser documents, in emails, etc. We tested the application with various local email clients and even for renaming local directories or performing local Windows searches, and it performed really well.

Another thing that users will surely appreciate about LilySpeech is that fact that it works well with other languages and diacritics too. Plus, the app's speech recognition capabilities are truly impressive.