LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary 2008 English - Spanish is a small and didactic application designed to help you learn English or Spanish using representative images to describe the displayed words. It also comes with a pronunciation function.

The setup needs to be run in administrator mode in order to install the app without missing files or errors. The offered layout is modern and easy-to-use, adopting a category tree system, and structuring the words and the learning mode in two separate tabs.

A simple-to-use system of pictures helps you find the word you want to learn with ease, without the need to know either its spelling or pronunciation.

It features high-quality and colorful pictures for each entry, making the learning sessions fun and stress-free. You can now attribute an image to each word in order to memorize them faster.

LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary 2008 English - Spanish provides almost all the general and daily categories of terms you need to know in order to have a decent conversation, such as environment, calendar (e.g. time, week), human, health, beauty, home, computers, food, drinks or traveling.

Each word is displayed in large font and accompanied by a descriptive photo and several definitions to fully understand its meaning. The Spanish translation is shown at the bottom of the screen.

The app comes with a built-in diction function to help you learn the proper pronunciation of every term. In the learning mode, you can test your newly grasped vocabulary with flash cards. Plus, you have the option to find specific words using the search feature.

In order to add new words to the list and look up a phrase into the dictionary, you need to have LingvoSoft FlashCards 2008 and LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 installed on the computer.

Taking everything into account, LingvoSoft Talking Picture Dictionary 2008 English - Spanish is a useful piece of software that comes in handy when you want to study new words in English and Spanish from categories like food, travel, beauty or health.