Managing multiple Microsoft Office Word documents that contain numerous pages and links can be a cumbersome task, especially if all those links need to be checked for integrity. Attempting this task manually isn’t practical and, sooner or later, users might seek alternative methods. Fortunately, Link Checker for Microsoft Word is here to provide a simple and efficient solution to such issues, by allowing one to easily identify all the links present in a document and verify them individually.

After the straightforward deployment process, users will be able to access the add-in by navigating to the tab of their installation of Word. Featuring a single menu, once enabled, Link Checker for Microsoft Word will offer users several choices for detecting links in the currently opened document.

One will be able to select the search to be performed in accordance with a specified page range, text selection or current page. However, the add-in doesn’t offer options for highlighting the identified links

and this could be frustrating, as users might have trouble in viewing all the links in a page.

Users will be able to select for the add-in to only search for external links or those links who appear suspicious, although it does not provide any further information or settings about the “suspicious” status.

Once the required links have been identified, people will be able to edit or remove them and display only their corresponding code. The selected links can be easily exported to Excel and the add-in will automatically open the exported files in an instance of Excel, quite promptly.

For those who require a quick and efficient solution for identifying all the links in their Word documents, this add-in could be a wise choice. It will allow them to easily obtain all the links in an opened Word document, edit them with ease or display their corresponding code. Furthermore, it will enable one to also check for suspicious links, although no settings or information is provided about this option.