Liquid Space is a well engineered VST plugin that recreates the effect produced by two separate reverb units.

The dual filters, along with the flanger unit and 24 db filters allows the user to process the effect in an efficient manner. The plugin can also be automated using a MIDI device and can store up to 128 user defined presets.

Presets can be loaded by using the top-left pane, which also lets you configure your own presets and save them, so you can use them later on. Creating a preset can be done by adjusting the parameters to fit your needs, assign a name to your newly-created profile and save it to the list.

The main window boasts a layout that is simple enough to be handled even by novices, regardless of their previous experience with similar programs.

You can control the parameters of two reverb modules, a couple of filters and two LFO filters. Operating them can be simply done by clicking and dragging the buttons, as they simulate knobs,

A bunch of  switches can be found under the Reverb 1, Reverb 2 and Flange. You can use them to toggle the effects on or off, depending on your needs.