LiteManager is a tool designed to allow users remotely control multiple computers in a predefined group, chat with users, and record screen activity.

Users have immediate access to all the key features of the program. The GUI is split into three parts: the group's tree where the user can view each individual computer connected to it, the PC's access window, and on the right all the available control options regarding the target machine.

Additional options and settings are available next to the top bar which gives the user a lot of accessibility parameters. Although LiteManager gives the impression that is a highly intuitive program, in fact, a lot of more advanced options are readily available in the 'Tools' and 'Connection' drop-down menus.

LiteManager offers a wide array of remote computer access options. These include getting full control of the computer, window demonstration options, task manager, access to Command Prompt, and file transfer capabilities. Besides all that, users can remotely shut down their target computer, remotely install LiteManager and MSI Configurator, and a lot of other options. All you need to do is get the IP of the said app and select if it's IPv6 based.

Computers will show a status just like aliases do in chat software. If it's running and has the ROM server working then it comes up as green, meaning it's online and administrators can access it. If it doesn't have such a server, the computer will display 'Not Found' and, in case connectivity is blocked, a 'Locked' status appears.

LiteManager is an excellent program built to help IT engineers and network administrators to supervise, guide, and even directly intervene in solving problems with affected network computers. Although, users will have to give up all their privacy when being accessed by an IT engineer, this is done, of course, with consent. Users can disconnect from a group if they feel that their privacy is being abused.