LiteWeb is simple to use, reliable and a handy tool when you wish to define Web servers in a short time. The program supports several domains enabled at the same time and can be used with PHP, Perl, MySQL and several other such tools.

LiteWeb acts as a feature-rich Web server that supports CGI and ISAPI, plus it allows you to work with multiple domains. The program enables you to use Perl, PHP, MySQL, WinCGI or BTWCGI.

Another significant feature of LiteWeb is the Server Side Includes, *.SHTML option, which supports the #INCLUDE protocol. The program allows you to setup Web authentication, to access any of the selected domains. Moreover, you can easily monitor or terminate any of the connections, at any time.

The tool allows you to create a blacklist in which to add domains you wish to block. You can define a blacklisted domain by specifying its IP address, an optional description and the time length.

LiteWeb allows you to quickly configure or modify the Web server parameters. You may enable/disable the HTTP server at any time, specify the port, the default website directory and the welcome files. Similarly, you can activate the CGI/ISAPI tools and select the source directory.

The domain configuration space allows you to define each entry by specifying its name, path and authentication details if required. You may create virtual path entries, MIME types or specify CGI/ISAPI parameters.

LiteWeb allows you to create several accounts and grant them access to either of the websites you defined. You can verify the statuses of the Web servers, the downloaded items and save the activities log in a local text file. Additionally, you may change the Dynamic DNS settings and the No-IP options.