Since every business nowadays needs to have an online presence, it is vital that your website is attractive and easy-to-use, in order to make your potential customers feel more comfortable. In addition, you can also provide them with live assistance directly on your homepage, so that you can immediately answer their questions and requests.

Live2Support was created in order to offer you a quick and reliable way to interact with your visitors, by adding a simple instant messaging system on your website, which can be used by anyone who happens to stumble upon your web page. Hence, you can offer personalized and direct guidance to your customers, as well as support and troubleshooting asssistance for technical issues.

As for the actual application, it provides you with a simple and intuitive control panel, which can be used to view the online visitors and operators, as well as keep a close eye on the total number of visits your web page receives on a regular basis. In addition, you can add tasks and to-do lists for other operators, as well as view details about certain visitors.

One of the other major features of the application is its ability to count the total number of visitors that reach your website, as well as various other details about them. Thus, you can view the total duration of their visit, the page they are currently viewing, as well as their IP addresses and the status of their connection.

When it comes to the way you can configure the utility, there are a wide variety of modifications you can bring to tailor it according to your necessities. From custom sound notifications for every type of alert, to HTTP proxy servers and SSL secure connections, you can adjust the application in almost every way you see fit.

All in all, Live2Support comprises almost every function you may require in order to keep in close contact with your website customers. In addition, the traffic monitor capabilities can also come in handy, while the straightforward interface should not pose you any technical difficulties, regardless of any previous experience with such systems.