LivehelpGenie is Live Chat Software for live help, live support, visitor tracking, and proactive sales support for your web site. It is a software based solution that allows Companies to communicate, or chat, in real time with visitors.

Live support is used to give immediate response, customer support and information to website visitors and customers with an added extra human touch.

It enhances your ability to sell and support over the web by providing a comprehensive, easy to use solution that brings you and your site visitors closer together. This interaction takes place at precisely those moments in which a site visitor is in the greatest need of personal contact.

LivehelpGenie helps to resolve different issues faster than email support and easily exchange text based data like URLs, Images, Emails and Passwords that are often complex to communicate verbally by phone.

With the implementation of our software on your site, you can have web site visitors to get immediate, real-time on-demand help and enables web site owners to track and communicate with visitors to their site.

Our mission is to provide an affordable, yet enterprise level live chat solution to any websites, which put their customers in the first place. Our team of talent and creative developers is highly dedicated to create user-friendly and powerful software that our valuable customers enjoy.

We listen to our customers. The solutions we provide are designed and built around your needs. They integrate easily with your existing and future systems with a very easy set up.

Here are some key features of "LivehelpGenie":

■ Operator interface features

■ Enhance visitor experience

■ Efficiency control (Canned Message Manager and information retrieval system, Spell checker)

■ Site monitoring (real time site activity monitor)

■ Web based administration

■ Complete Customization

■ Routing and Intelligent chat distribution

■ Sales and marketing

■ Scalability and software performance


■ 10 days trial