LiveJournal Backup Toolkit allows you to open an xml or lj file for backup.

You need to export using LiveJournal. See the How-To in the Help menu of the application.

Once you have the XML file that LJ generates, you can use this application to export that into any supported format.

Here are some key features of "LiveJournal Backup Toolkit":

■ Export to Plain Text (you can now store all reformatted backups in GMail)

■ Easily export to CSV as well

■ Export to Movable Type

■ Instructions on how you can export to WordPress, pMachine and Drupal

■ Ability to set private entries as drafts when exporting to the above blog engines

■ Ability to export only public or only private entries, or both

■ Ability to export optional export items like music or moods of each entry

■ Ability to strip HTML from exports

■ Works with the XML Backups generated by LJ.


■ The .NET Framework 1.1