Being a Microsoft project designer is not a walk in the park and, if you are one, you're probably grateful for specialized software that can help you simplify your work.

LiveProject Professional, for instance, is an application that can help you share your project files, view them with ease and customize the way you see them in various ways.

This program can help you view Microsoft Project plans on your computer without needing Microsoft Project to be installed on your computer. It supports handling MPP files that were created with Microsoft Project 98, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Once you open the application and load the desired projects, you can view a series of data about them, such as tasks, task usage, resource usage, resource and calendar. Accessing these parameters can be done by simply clicking the corresponding tabs.

LiveProject Professional also features Gantt view support, that includes zooming, timescale and layout options. You can create various settings profiles for Gantt View, depending on your needs.

The various task views are easy to identify, since they're color-coded. Therefore, they indicate task status in a convenient manner by using the color coding system. Gantt charts are also used to display deadlines and critical paths.

If you're working on one of your projects and perform certain changes to it, this application can detect the modifications automatically and update your project views, keeping you updated in real-time.

Bugzilla is also supported, which can be customized to display the bugs that are relevant to your work. Bugzilla databases can be viewed in real-time, filters can be switched quickly and attachments can be launched directly from the MPP viewer.

All things considered, LiveProject Professional is a reliable app that enables you to view Microsoft Project MPP files on your computer in a seamless manner. It features Bugzilla support, lets you access Gantt views and color-codes information for more efficient data handling.