Loaf is a tiny tool created for developers and designers who are looking for icons for their projects. According to the developer, the icons included with the application are all hand drawn and hand coded, whereas the package is being constantly updated with new designs.

The setup is a quick and uneventful operation that does not need any special attention on your part. The interface consists of a single window divided in three sections, namely the area where you can browse the SVG icons, an area where you can preview the design and edits you are making in real time and the customization tab.

As far as the editing tab is concerned, you will be happy to learn that you can make a few adjustments to the icon before saving or copying it. For starters, you can adjust the size, stroke and duration of the animation. Afterward, you can add two fills of colors along with two strikes. The colors are the same standard as you would normally find with any color adjustment design program out there, so the possibilities are endless. If you ever change your mind, simply hit the reset styling button and you can re-start from scratch.

Once you are happy with the modifications, you can save the new icon in a SVG format and seamlessly integrate it into your project.

The animated icons can be employed in a wide variety of projects, such as UI designs that involve loading screens or generating datasets for instance. Other two good examples of where animations can make a difference are the onboarding screens in mobiles and storytelling in web design.

In the eventuality that you are looking for a simple and straightforward solution for projects that can benefit from SVG animations, then perhaps you can consider giving Loaf a try.