Doing your taxes usually involves applying several mathematical formulas in order to reach a satisfying result. However, using the traditional calculator, pen and paper method can lead to errors and receiving help from a specialized person (such as an accountant) can be rather expensive.

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to achieve accurate results is to use third-party software, such as Loan Calc. This utility can calculate your loans or mortgage repayments while only requiring basic information.

Loan Calc comes with a minimalistic design that efficiently packs its core functions, so you do not need to look for them. This application provides you with quite intuitive features that require minimal PC skills and fundamental financial knowledge, therefore allowing you to access and understand it without difficulties.

You can only open LOAN (software-specific format) file types by accessing the dedicated function, as the program cannot handle other formats, nor does it offer drag and drop support.

The main window can display weekly, monthly, semiannually or annually views of your debts, along with detailed information, including main amount, interest, payment and final balance.

This reliable utility can easily calculate your debts (such as loans or mortgage repayments) if you provide it with the data it requires. You need to type in the initial amount of money, interest percentage and time period so that it can calculate and display an analysis of your incoming payments.

You can choose between several types of interest (nominal, effective or compounded) and set a starting date for your payments.

Loan Calc allows you to export resulting content to LOAN, XLS, TXT or HTML formats, thus offering you a way of better organizing your records.

In conclusion, this application can prove to be a reliable ally if you need an efficient tool to calculate your debts and also export your data to several formats.