LocalAPK is a lightweight piece of software that provides you with a clean environment for managing your APK files and hence, make sure they are up to date.

To be more precise, the application detects and displays various data that can help you determine whether the version you currently have on your hard drive is the latest. In addition, the tool exhibits the current version, so that you can seek it out and update your APK file. Alternatively, if you created a new file for your applications, then you can just remove them altogether.

A further noteworthy feature is that the program allows you to transfer APK files directly to your Android device thanks to the Send to Device QE code function. Moreover, the tool enables you to access Google Play directly so that you can download the latest versions.

The application is quite versatile and permits you to add various commands to speed up file management and help you become more efficient. You can add different commands by specifying a title or short description along with the line from the tab with the same name in the Settings window.

All in all, if you are managing dozens of APK files at the same time and you want to be sure that you are as proficient as possible, then perhaps LocalAPK could come in handy.