Owning a computer usually requires you to perform various maintenance tasks and tweak it according to your personal needs every once in a while.

However, some of its services might be difficult to configure unless you turn to third-party solutions, such as Location Fixer.

Note that this application requires an Internet connection in order to run as intended. Additionally, it is recommended that you run this program for at least a few hours on Windows 10, as this operating system might revert to an old location after a while.

Location Fixer is a handy software solution that provides you with a simple, non-complicated user interface and shelters a few straightforward controls. Therefore, it makes it possible for a broad range of users to benefit from its capabilities in an easy, convenient manner.

However, the lack of any help documentation, other than a brief description of its core functions that is displayed in the main window, might disconcert some of the users.

You can rely on this application if you need a quick, efficient way to set fixed coordinates for your location and use them within various location-based services, such as Cortana, Bing or Google Maps.

Doing so can be achieved manually, by searching information about your latitude, longitude and altitude, clicking the Install button and typing the details in their corresponding boxes. The application then saves the coordinates you typed and allows certain applications to access and use this data.

Aside from manually tampering with this program's capabilities, you can also perform a query of your current location by hitting the corresponding button. Your coordinates are displayed directly on the main window so that you can access the information effortlessly.

To wrap it up, Location Fixer is a lightweight application that allows you to set fixed coordinates and also query your location in an easy way. It integrates a simple user interface, highly intuitive controls and packs no help documentation other than a brief description in the main window.