LockMyDrive Instant is a professional application designed to enable you to protect your storage devices with password and strong encryption methods.

For whatever reason you'd like to hide all files on your drive, LockMyDrive Instant is a quick and easy-to-use solution for your PC data security. Even if your drive is divided into several logical drives, you can use the program on all of them by registering each drive with the same password.

LockMyDrive Instant can also work on USB Flash drives, all types of memory cards (SD/MMC/Pro duo) and external hard drives (HDD, SSD).

If you'd like to make all the information contained on your storage device totally invisible and inaccessible to others, in case it falls into the wrong hands due to loss or stealing, LockMyDrive Instant is the right choice. At that, no one will even know that your device might contain hidden files since LockMyDrive Instant conceals the fact of hiding itself.