LockMyDrive Strong is a professional application designed to enable you to protect your drives via password and strong encryption methods.

Imagine that your home PC or laptop is used by somebody else (friends, colleagues, kids), however, some information should not be accessible even to your close people, LMD is the most convenient way to quickly hide all the necessary files away from prying eyes.

Concerning that, LockMyDrive Strong provides reliable file encryption so that no one can access your files without knowing your password. One program copy can be used on all the logical drives provided that you register each of them. Moreover, there is no need to seek special programs for USB drives.

LockMyDrive Strong can also protect your private data on USB Flash drives, all types of memory cards (SD/MMC/Pro duo) and external hard drives (HDD, SSD). Be sure that your personal files are not accessed by anybody else without your consent.