LogConv is a practical tool that allows amateur radio users to change the format of their logs in order to use them in contests or applications. The program is designed to simplify this task by processing some of the most popular log formats.

Communication logs are frequently used to store the information about each radio transmission. Amateur radio users have the option to use logging tools which use a large variety of formats in order to store the details of each contact.

When you need to use the QSO details in other programs, you often need to change the format since not all tools have the ability to load every file type. This application aims to provide you with a simple interface that enables you to convert TRLogs, CT files and EQF logs to more popular formats such as ADIF or Cabrillo.

In order to convert a file you just need to select it, specify the output location and file type. The program is designed to automatically check the file content, preventing you from processing corrupt or unsupported logs.

Additional options enable you to maintain the order of the QSO entries by adjusting the time of the similar timestamps. This enables you to keep the QSO order even if the program that generated the log did not add seconds.

Another useful feature is the ability to extrapolate the QSO data in order to fill location fields such as the state, country or continent. By searching an internal database, the app is able to determine these details and include them in the ADIF format.

LogConv also includes a command line utility which enables you to perform all the operations. Furthermore, you can automate certain actions without using the graphical interface which recommends this tool for processing multiple logs.