LogicalDOC is a document management tool that is specially designed for businesses that need to work with several types of files at the same time. The idea behind the application is to provide all members of your team a flexible environment for all document editing needs, one that is user-friendly and that is easy to learn.

Considering that various members can access and make modifications to the files your company is commonly using, it can represent an option for businesses that are looking to eliminate paper documents from their practices.

Among the operations that you can perform via the program, you can count full-text indexing, metadata and template modifications, version control, bookmarking, PDF creation, OCR, online editing, barcode recognition, stamping, forms management, auto naming or auto folding. The tool also includes a search function that allows you to find files based on their tags or IDs, for instance.

The program also comes with features that simplify and make the collaboration between the members of your team smoother and more efficient. Consequentially, the app supports check-in, check-out, making annotations on documents, event subscriptions, document rating or RSS feed on files and directories, just to name a few examples.

Lastly, the utility can integrate various services that you are likely to use as a company, namely Google Drive, Citrix ShareFile, Zoho Docs, Dropbox, Joomla Explorer, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Kofax, Microsoft Office and Outlook.