LoginHelper is a good tool that helps you to save and manage your internet login accounts. If you are an internet surfer, you have to login many favorite websites frequently and you must input username and password before login each site.

It is too bad that every username and password are different! How do you remember them? Using a notebook to write them? Oh, that is not safe! Then let LoginHelper come to help you!

It will greatly simplify your login way! When you finish inputting your login information, use LoginHelper to save them(including title, URL, username and password) to a profile easily.

When you want to login this site next time, simply selecting the profile and double-click it, then it will open IE to goto the URL and fill in username, password automatically and login the website. You can save many profiles according to different categories as you want.

Save once, Login anytime automatically, it is easy! Just save your login information (such as website, username, password) once, then login automatically later by one-click!