LogoManager Classic is a reliable customization program for Nokia mobile phones. It is a full-featured graphics and ringtone editor, capable to back up data or to edit the phone book.

All Nokia fans are familiar with the company’s logos and the set of ringtones they provide. While some may argue that the default resources are enough to make a user happy, there’s always room for more and as such, one should keep an open mind regarding third-party solutions that might enhance a phone’s functionality.

For this purpose, LogoManager Classic was rolled out, an application that bundles an awesome set of customization features for Nokia devices. The only requirements are a Nokia phone (a list of supported models is available in the Help file) that needs to communicate with the PC via a data cable or an Infrared connection.

Installation and GUI

As far as the installation process is concerned, LogoManager Classic deploys itself in under a minute, complication-free. The impression that the program makes when you get acquainted with its interface is that of simplicity and accessibility, considering that all of its resources are neatly organized in compact menus.

A quick summary of the program’s abilities includes the possibility to edit logos, change the welcome message, edit the caller group icons and personalize the ringtones.

In addition, you can also manage and edit your phone book, send text messages (with picture and logo attachments) and get a technical report of your device. What's more, the Phone Explorer utility allows you to navigate through local resources and manage them without even touching the phone.

In conclusion, LogoManager Classic makes a good choice for users of older Nokia models. The greatest downside of all is the fact that support for newer phone models (such as smart phones) is nonexistent.