Lolita is an all-in-one software solution designed to enable users to listen to songs, create playlists, rip and convert audio files as well as burn CDs, DVDs and create ISO images. It packages all of the previously mentioned features and functions into a simple, easy to use interface.

The application is easy to install and one can immediately start making use of its functions, without having to go through a complicated configuration process.

The main window of the application is composed of two main panels. The upper one provides users with access to the program's music player functionality. Features related to CD/DVD burning and file conversion are grouped together in the lower panel. This second panel can be toggled on or off by accessing the View menu.

In order to add files to a playlist, users must navigate to and select one or more music files. Dragging and dropping into the main window of the application is not supported. Users can play create, save and open or shuffle playlists, however, the application does not feature an equalizer function.

As mentioned before the application also provides users with a means to convert or rip audio files and burn CDs, DVDs or ISOs.

Songs can be converted or added to the burn list directly from the playlist. Users can also erase rewritable media such as CD-RWs and DVD+/-RWs, or create ISO disk images instead of actually burning their files to a disk.

Lolita is a simple and easy to use software solution that offers various functions related to playing, converting and writing music files to optical media. However, its lack of an equalizer and sparse configuration options might be considered a disadvantage by some users.