If you day-by-day activity involves a lot of writing, reading, articles, books, or anything related to text and information based on text-based information, then you know how time-consuming is to manually search for unknown paragraphs, expressions, or to translate from multiple languages. You can avoid that and save some time with LookupPal, an application that allows you to search and translate without even opening the browser

After the installation is done, a small GUI is displayed. The only options you can edit are the look-up sources, from where you pick the browser, the languages, the hotkey selector, and several check boxes.

When reading a PDF, website, email or text document you stumble upon an unknown word and you want to find its meaning, or wish to learn more about it. You highlight this word, press the hotkey (from the selector), and a definition and description of this word pop up on your screen. You can choose the source of references - Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google, Bing, Yandex, or one of many other online resources.

As soon as you highlight text in almost any language, document or website and press the F8 hotkey, the highlighted text will be translated to your language and copied to the special ''Translation Window'', where you can edit translated text or copy it to the clipboard.

To sum it up, LookupPal is an excellent tool for instant web searches or translations. It has a compact GUI that is dismissed after you have selected your settings. Useful for writers, students, analysts and users that are regularly using text-based documents. It can be used by any user no matter the technical skill as the only actions perform is pushing two hotkeys.