Granted, successfully selling cars entails having a certain combination of personal skills. Then again, to make sure you close as many deals as possible, you also need to know the ins and outs of the necessary paperwork.

Lot Wizard is an application that enables you to automate most mundane tasks associated with running a car dealership service.

While everyone understands why it is important to have all details of a transaction down on paper, nobody really likes to do the paperwork.

The program enables you to automate the entire process. More exactly, you only need to type the information about your dealership once or select one of the numerous template forms available within the program and print them when necessary.

Moreover, since the utility enables synchronization with online portals and your social networks, you can easily check the automobiles in your inventory and gain more time to plan your sales strategy with ease.

As a rule of thumb for sales, the more time you give your potential leads to think things over, the fewer chances you have to make a transaction.

The utility allows you to keep all information regarding state and local taxes, insurance rates or the fees associated with the automobile in one place and easily accessible. In addition, you can print all the required documents and have the contract signed in a matter of minutes.

It is necessary to mention that you require a bit of time to go through all Lot Wizard's windows and fill in the appropriate information.

By far the most time-consuming activities you can perform when running a car dealership is to prepare the paperwork for your clients, closely followed by the automobile inventory. Since Lot Wizard allows you to import all sorts of financial and product data, it can save you a lot of time in the long run.