Lotto007 Ultimate is an application that can help users analyze previous lotto drawings and predict the numbers that could be drawn in the future.

The software has been designed as a powerful mathematical utility that can predict future drawings based on various algorithms. Some of them include Base analyze, Number sum analyze, Past draws analyze, Hot-cold analyze, Prime analyze, etc.

The program comes with support for a wide range of lotteries, including Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 , Pick 7. Moreover, it comes with support for various pick wheels formula, so that users can easily keep track of as many drawings as possible.

Users can easily generate drawing tickets with the help of this piece of software, based on the selected algorithms. The tool also allows them to set specific filters in order to come up with the tickets that they consider best suited for their needs.

The utility can also be used to compare the generated tickets with previously winning tickets, which allows users to make a better idea of the accuracy of this tool.

Based on the previous drawings, the application can create a wide range of statistics on the numbers that have been previously drawn, thus providing users with the possibility to make a better analysis of drawing history and improve their prediction accuracy.

The software comes with support for a great deal of lotteries, and users can easily operate with the drawings for a specific one, or can compare those for multiple lotteries.

The program can be used to export the generated tickets to a txt file, as well as to convert tickets to wheel. They can also print tickets, directly from the application.

All in all, Lotto007 Ultimate is an easy-to-use, intuitive application that can help users better predict lottery drawings. It offers fast performance capabilities, as well as access to various statistics and filters.