Over time, technology evolved at a swift pace, along with all its associated branches, offering us more modern and sophisticated means to make our life much easier, efficient and relaxed. Screensavers and wallpapers haven't been forgotten, as they were slowly developed to be compatible with almost all types of monitors, TVs, Plasma or projectors.

With their help, we can add a touch of personality to our personal or office computers while offering different atmospheres based on their content. Live wallpapers erase that old and boring mood the static ones give, and provide a more relaxing and warm feeling to your PC.

If you wish to change your default background and replace it with a lively one, then Love Rink Live Animated Wallpaper may be a nice replacement. The installation process is quick and uncomplicated, however, pay attention to each step, as you might get some unnecessary tools, which you don't actually need.

The app doesn't need any additional components to run smoothly. The live wallpaper displays multiple people dressed in winter clothes, sliding happily on an ice ring. You don't have to worry that your previous photo collection is removed, as the utility starts the wallpaper over the original one, without lapping one over the other. Plus, it can be run on any device that has a basic desktop, like HD monitors, smart TVs or modern projectors.

Sadly, the app doesn't come with any kind of setting, to change the speed, the number of persons or brightness. In addition, you can't select the screen resolution or quality, nor a function to set it as default. Once installed, it stays quietly in the systray, where you can pause and start it at any given time, as well as mark it to run at Windows startup.

Taking everything into account, Love Rink Live Animated Wallpaper is a straightforward and simple live wallpaper that beautifies your monitor, TV or Plasma with various people sliding casually on a magical ice ring. The tool is suitable especially for the winter season, to bring that dreamy and warm atmosphere directly on your screen.