Loyalty Tracking System is a simple to use software application specifically designed to record a customer or club membership in a database and assign or retrieve member loyalty points.

Loyalty Tracking System is an accredited business solution that helps you increase revenues, raise awareness through labeled loyalty cards and boost your income by creating a loyalty tracking system for each customer.

Loyalty Tracking System features a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate the system and use all its functions without difficulties. This loyalty tracking system enables you to work with newly created or preassigned membership IDs and cards.

With the help of the application's built-in tools, you can create members, organize membership cards, add or redeem loyalty points, design membership cards and generate reports.

When adding a new member to your database, you can choose to assign a contact ID and code automatically or you can manually enter them. The database contains detailed profiles of loyalty members, including full contact details, membership information, photos, phone numbers, email addresses, card expiration dates and other customer definable attributes.

Additional features consist of a Card Designer Module and a Points Logger Module. The former allows you to create customizable membership cards that include barcodes and can be organized alphabetically in a list. At the same time, the latter provides you with a simple mechanism of assigning and retrieving member loyalty points.

All in all, Loyalty Tracking System is a reliable program suite built to meet the requirements of clubs, hotels, restaurants or shops by maintaining a database of customers and track the distribution and retrieval of loyalty points. The application allows you to access member records and easily add or redeem loyalty points by simply scanning the member's card. Reports that contain member, contact, membership, loyalty points and transactions can be generated and printed.