Those who need to perform localization operations for editing .NET applications might often times use Microsoft Visual Studio for such undertakings. LSACreator was developed in order to allow people to easily localize .NET applications without resorting to Visual Studio. It will enable them to make use of satellite assemblies in order to add binaries to any .NET assemblies, having only the binary files.

The application offers users a straightforward interface that provides a two-section layout where one will be able quickly to preview the DLL structure and its corresponding components. Each of the loaded items ca be managed using a collapsible system for easy navigation.

Once the preferred assembly has been loaded, people will instantly gain access to several on-screen controls that will allow them to apply filters, access settings for columns, zoom in/out in the library structure or export the selected entries.

Users will be able to rely on satellite assemblies for creating multi-language applications, which will allow them to avoid using Microsoft Visual Studio and add languages to any .NET program with only the DLL or EXE files. Requiring only the binary components means that the utility offers a more accessible approach.

All the edited assemblies can be easily exported to XML or Excel-compatible formats and people will able to add or remove languages individually. Direct exporting to the libraries location is also provided and one will have access to user-defined dictionaries or Google Translate engine.

This application could be a good choice for those who require an accessible tool for localizing .NET based applications and add custom languages to their assemblies. It will offer them a convenient package that will enable them to use only the DLL or EXE files for adding languages to .NET assemblies, therefore avoiding the need for using Microsoft Visual Basic.