LTMonitor is a small and useful program designed to monitornetwork activity inbound, and outbound.

It sits neatly in the corner of the screen (or draggable to another location) ontop of all other applications, yet sinks behind menus as to not get in the way.

There is also a transparency feature, which allows the user to make LTMonitor seethrough so that documents/web pages are still visible beneath it.

Double clicking any part of LTMonitor changes the text display between network speeds and total transfers.

The activity meters can be configured to display in bits or bytes via the menu.

It can also be confugured to automatically start when Windows is loaded.

All settings are remembered for future use.

LTMonitor has now been updated to support a new 'Click-Through' feature. This stops it from getting in the way, allowing the user to click web-links, select text beneath it and anything else you may want to do where it would normally get in the way.

This also means that the right-click menu is no longer available until Click-Through is turned off via the systray icon menu.


■ VB Runtime - which is included in most windows systems anyway


■ 10 free uses before registration is required