Lucid Automobile Records is a reliable financial software that enables you to manage the cost of maintenance for your vehicles. The software can calculate the proper type of fuel for your car, based on its specifications, as well as generate detailed reports of periodical expenses regarding the service of your vehicle.

Lucid Automobile Records allows you to create a comprehensive database of the vehicles you manage, by selecting the year of production, the model and the type. You may enter the required information regarding the number of miles or the due months until the next revision, for several parameters.

The services required for the proper functioning of your car include oil replacement, air filter, fuel filter checks, replacing transmission fluid, chassis lubrication, antifreeze fluid or brake adjustment. Each of these modifications need to be performed in due time and imply scheduling the proper expense. The software is also suitable for managing mileage and gasoline values for vehicles in business use.

Lucid Automobile Records can generate detailed reports, regarding the mileage of each vehicle in the database. You may enter multiple records of business trips and specify the mileage value at the beginning of the road as well as the end number. The software can generate periodical reports including business records and automobile logs, designed to reflect the state of each vehicle.

Lucid Automobile Records also includes a trivia game, with a series of general knowledge questions from the history of automobiles and famous manufacturers. Additionally, the software comes with a vast collection of photos depicting vehicles built over the past century.

Lucid Automobile Records is a multi-functional application that is suitable for both personal and business use, that helps you keep track of the expenses required for vehicle service. The software is especially useful for businesses that imply often trips with company cars. Thus, keeping track of the mileage of each vehicle and generating afferent reports is made easy.