Lucid Spec helps you rapidly prototype software and produce a concise, clear functional specification.

This software application does this by combining screen design, application simulation, and user interface description all-in-one.

Here are some key features of "Lucid Spec":

■ Powerful screen drawing

You can rapidly draw screens with an easy to use set of widgets. There are 22 types of widgets available: Menu, Tool Bar, Grid, Tab, Image, Button, Check Box, Combo Box, Group Box, Hyperlink, Label, List Box, Radio Button, Rectangle, Text Area, Text Box, Calendar, Hotspot, Numeric Spin, Text Spin, Slider, Scroll Bar, and Tree.

■ Instant application simulation

You connect the screens through screen widgets and simulate the application. No coding is required! This is particularly useful for helping users visualize how the application will work.

■ Clear user interface descriptions

You can describe the details of the user interface for developers and users. You can format the user interface description with bold, italic, underline, bullet lists, numbered lists and more.

■ Internal consistency

Changes to the screen drawing automatically flow to the user interface specification and vice versa. No need to copy and paste screen shots!

■ Easy screen reuse

You can have one or more screens based on (inherit) another screen. As a result, changes to a screen can automatically flow through to all related screens.

■ Custom widgets

You can create custom widgets for fast widget reuse.

■ Free Lucid Spec Player

A free, easy-to-use, Player is available so that your users and other stakeholders can easily view and play your Lucid Spec files.

■ MS-Word support

You can export the entire user interface specification to Rich Text Format (RTF) which MS-Word can read.

■ Precise printing

You can print the entire user interface specification, pieces of the user interface specification, or screen shots.

■ Undo and Redo

You can undo and redo changes to screens and descriptions.

■ Extensive clipboard support

You can easily cut, copy, and paste the entire screen, screen widgets and text.

■ Automatic error recovery and reporting

Lucid Spec will automatically backup your data even before it is saved. If there is a problem, no more than 10 minutes (configurable) of your work is lost.


■ .Net Framework


■ 20-use trial