At one point or another you need Lynda and her video tutorials. No only are there hundreds to choose from but they are also very well made.

Here’s where Lynda Downloader comes into play. Providing you have an active Lynda subscription, this little tool enables you to grab videos from the website and store them on your computer so you can view them offline.

It’s a lightweight tool that doesn’t burden your computer in any way. Lynda Downloader is both easy to install and use. Right after you launch it, it requests your Lynda account username and password and once you’re logged in, you’re ‘good to download’.

All you have to do is enter the URL of the course you want to download, select the chapters and click save. The selected content is automatically downloaded and saved in the folder you assign. Lynda Downloader allows you to choose whether you want to download the entire course or just the selected chapters, this way, you get exactly what you need. Which and how many chapters you select does not affect the download order. They are all stored in the same sequence in which they are presented on the website.

If the download process is tampering with your Internet speed in any way or you feel that some content has a higher priority than other, Lynda Downloader allows you to stop or pause the downloads.

The application saves the content on your computer in MP4 format with a resolution of 960x540 which means that you do get a high quality video tutorial. In most cases it should be sufficient but you can encounter situations where that is not enough. Especially when the course is on an application that displays a clustered interface.

To avoid being blocked by the website, the application can also be set to simulate a user’s behaviour.

In closing, Lynda Downloader is a reliable application that provides you with a simple and fast method for downloading the high-quality courses that you find on the Lynda website.