MacInstallerBuilder is a solution for hard copy and online software applications distribution, allowing the end user to easily install programs or documentation anywhere.

Here are some key features of "MacInstallerBuilder":

■ Build installers for Macintosh and Windows.

■ All files are now archived rather than just a link in the document;

■ Encode installers in AppleSingle, BinHex, and MacBinary;

■ Display multiple banners/pictures while installing;

■ Create discreet installers, and disable the installer log;

■ 202 install locations for Macintosh and Windows, and domain support for Mac;

■ System/condition check for every file before installing;

■ Restart Mac or PC at the end of the installation;

■ Serial/Password security system, including Registration via SMTP

■ Accept/Decline and Language support;

■ Installer Options: disable logs, authorization for Mac OS X, hide destination in installer;

■ Add trials to your installers;

■ Multiple packages for custom installs;

■ Network installs via HTTP protocol;

■ Tasks include: alias/links, launch, login items, Open Application in Classic, and add to Dock;

■ Colorize installers;

■ QuickTime checking.


■ 30 days trial