Macro Angel is an application that introduces several ways to save time by eliminating repetitive actions and simplifying complex tasks into one step.

You can assign repetitive tasks to a single keystroke and also have Macro Angel perform tasks for you automatically when some specified events occur.

Macro Angel allows you to build custom automated tasks such as file backups, FTP and HTTP downloads and uploads, file copy, move and much more. You can create complex tasks, using a combination of various elements including user input, keystroke input and more.

You can build your automated tasks with the help of a wizard and an intuitive Step Editor.

Here are some key features of "Macro Angel":

· Strong macro language with over 100 commands: 125+ commands including Keystrokes, Launching Programs, Sending E-mail, Window Positioning and Sizing, Variables, If-Else logic, Input Boxes, Questions, Text File Processing, Dial-up Networking, Network Connections, File Commands, Maximize & Minimize, Waits, Pauses, Loops, FTP Commands and many more.

· Fully featured macro editor with integrated debugger

· Visual tools to create and edit macros: you do not need to write a line of code! Wizards will guide you to easily add new macro.

· Variety of macro triggering options: Schedule Watcher (run macro at defined time), Keyboard Watcher (short abbreviation or hotkey), Window Watcher (when a windows is opened/closed), Idle Time Watcher and more

· Visual Basic for Applications™ (VBA) compatible scripting: advanced users can unleash the full power of Macro Angel with the built-in Visual Basic for Applications™ compatible scripting environment.

· Macro recorder allows you to record sequence of your mouse clicks and/or keystrokes instead of inserting them manually.

· Easy to use MS Outlook-like interface that allows you to organize macros logically into folders.


· Internet Explorer 4 or higher

· Some actions about automating Internet Explorer requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. However, it is not required for most of the actions.