MacroMenu is an intuitive and user-friendly piece of software created to help you have easier access to clipped text, message templates or signatures, programs or macros, and several other tools.

Subsequent to a brief and fairly uneventful installation process, the utility launches at the top of your screen, hiding when it is not being used and reappearing when you hover your mouse cursor over the area.

The various available menus offer access to several functions and features that are meant to simplify your work and increase your general performance.

MacroMenu’s main components are the ‘ClipStore’, the ‘BookmarkMenu’, the ‘MailTemplates’, the ‘MacroComposer’, the ‘Launcher’ and the ‘ClipboardModifier’, each providing you with different functionality to help you reduce the time you spend performing tedious tasks.

The ‘ClipStore’ tool is able to save numerous bits of text in its memory, ranging from strings of programming code, form completion details, URL addresses, signatures, to pre-defined answers and more, allowing you to paste them with just a few clicks, without having to waste time trying to find them on your PC.

The ‘BookmarkMenu’ enables your preferred Internet browser to memorize and open web pages with just a few swift moves, whereas the ‘MailTemplates’ function helps you keep a set of blank emails at hand for whenever you need to send a new message or answer a customer’s request.

With the ‘Launcher’, you can easily access and run your most used programs in just instants, while the ‘MacroComposer’ lets you create and store various keystroke combinations that you can use without having to type your entire macro.

To sum it up, MacroMenu is a handy and reliable application which aims to assist you in your day to day tasks, saving you valuable time and effort in the process, by offering you access to your ready-made emails, bits of commonly-used text and your go-to software.