If you are looking forward to starting the Ketogenic diet or just calculate your daily nutrients intake accurately, Macropedia is a good application, to begin with.

The ingredients are alphabetically listed in the preview tab along with the nutrients values. Every food type has three values displayed: protein, carbs and fat. If you are looking for a specific ingredient, type in the name in the search field and all results containing the input will be listed down.

Furthermore, you can arrange the result by clicking the nutrients. For example, if you want to list the carbs from higher concentration to lower just click the "Carb" button.

To the right of the preview tab, the calculator can be noticed; here you can add the foods and set the weight for accurate processing. After you have added the food, you can see that other values are displayed; values like "sugar," "fiber," "monosaturated," "polysaturated" etc. Also, the totals are shown under the selection tab; there you can observe the amount(in grams) and nutrients percentage.

Macropedia's library contains over twenty food categories or groups, from where you can choose to display one, several or all of them in the preview window. Also, every food type has some variations as the nutrient values are different. In other words, regarding lettuce, there are "lettuce, green leaf, raw" or " lettuce, iceberg, raw" etc. For a more accurate calculation, adding the exact food type will prove more efficient in following a diet.

If you take a quick look at the "Sort" tab, you will notice that there are five types of popular diet types. Selecting one will make slight changes in some of the nutrients values, in order to adapt to that specific program.

To sum it up, if you want to ease your dieting process by automating it, Macropedia is a good choice. Sporting a simple interface and a complex list of food is helping this app to the reach top list of an interested user.

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