MAGIC BROWSER is a small Windows web browser designed to simply web navigation sessions to a few clicks.

This is a portable program which makes it the perfect choice for being stored on USB flash drives or other portable devices. Gaining access to its features requires only opening the executable file. You may uninstall it via a simple deletion task, as it leaves no traces in your Windows registry.

MAGIC BROWSER reveals a simplistic navigation environment. Actually, all dedicated parameters are embedded in a single panel. Although there’s no support for a help manual, you can easily get an idea about how this web browser works because its settings are highly intuitive.

On the downside, if you resize or maximize the main window of the utility, the web browsing panel remains fixed and is quite small for surfing the Internet.

MAGIC BROWSER comes with only a few browsing features and it shows. You are allowed to go to the next or previous web page, stop the loading process, access the homepage, and input custom URLs.

Tests have shown that the app loads pages slowly. It eats up CPU and memory resources so the overall performance of the computer may be hampered.

Professional users may be disappointed by the tool’s poor configuration options. MAGIC BROWSER does not give you the possibility to create bookmarks, browse on the Internet in a multi-tabbed environment, work with a download manager, delete cookies and history links, sync data across multiple devices, set the search engine, configure the homepage, install themes and extensions, and fill out web forms automatically, just to highlight some important aspects that make the web browsing experience smooth and convenient.

All in all, MAGIC BROWSER has lots of things to learn, implement, and adopt before it can be compared to Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Maxthon. Plus, it needs functionality improvements to load pages quickly.