Magic Excel Recovery is a reliable program designed to help you retrieve lost Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice files or spreadsheets from damaged partitions. The software is user-friendly and offers step-by-step guidance through the extended wizard function. Moreover, it allows you to select the partition you wish to scan.

Magic Excel Recovery is a powerful file retrieving tool, which is capable of scanning the selected disk/removable drive in order to detect and locate the desired spreadsheets. The software offers you two possibilities for the drive scanning: the fast process or the full analysis. The in-depth analysis allows the software to use any piece of information it can find in order to detect and retrieve the files.

The software allows you to select any local disks for the scan, virtual disks or remote memory devices such as USB flash drives. You may also set several filters in order to make the scanning duration shorter and the process more accurate.

Magic Excel Recovery allows you to set several search filters, such as file size, type or date. Thus, you may scan for small or large files, as well as search for files by date of creation, last modification or last time accessed.

As for the file types, Magic Excel Recovery supports a large array of formats, both stemming from Microsoft Office documents and OpenOffice. You may easily deselect the unnecessary types, then proceed to the scanning process. The software can display the results as thumbnails and offers you the possibility of previewing them in full size.

After detecting and locating the spreadsheets, Magic Excel Recovery can repair and save the files to the indicated location: either to the hard disk, burn to a CD/DVD, create an ISO virtual image or upload using FTP. The software supports saving the results to a local disk, a USB drive, or any other physical or removable disk.