There are numerous users who take a lot of photos while on vacation or when they attend an important event, but they lack the knowledge and skills to optimize their looks once they get them on a computer. If you want to do more more with your images rather than simply preview them once in a while, you can try Magic Photo Enhancer.

This application is an automated solution for all those who either do not know how to manually improve the appearance of their photos, or they do not have the time needed to manage huge numbers of images.

The interface of the application is highly intuitive and user-friendly as you simply need to select the files or folders you want to process.

The thumbnails of all chosen graphic items will then be displayed within the main window, so as to allow you to double-check your selection and to specify the target location for the output images.

Once these steps have been completed, your part is done - you simply need to press the Start button and wait until all your images are processed by Magic Photo Enhancer.

When all files have been modified, you will notice that they are much brighter than before and that their colors are more vivid than they were in the source pics - this way, your landscapes or portraits will be very impressive and amazing.

All in all, if you do not have the skills required to efficiently optimize your images, Magic Photo Enhancer can do it for you - select the pics, choose the output folder then wait until the app works its magic and generates professionally-looking photos.

If you like its functions and you want to be able to optimize as many files as you like, you need to purchase a license and unlock all its features.