Magic Registry Cleaner is a simple-to-use software application which come packed with a few advanced, yet intuitive settings for scanning the registry for any issues and attempting to repair them, in order to restore some of Windows' original stability. It caters to novices and experienced users alike.

Installing the program shouldn't take long. Administrative rights are required to launch it. The interface is comprised of a regular window with a well-organized structure, where a huge button lets you immediately trigger the scanning procedure.

Before doing so, however, it is possible to exclude any registry areas you don't have an interest for, between ActiveX and COM, application info, paths and settings, startup files, shared DLLs, Windows Help files, sounds and fonts, along with recent documents.

The results list lets you select the exact items you want to delete, as well as exclude them from the current and future scans, and open their location in the Registry Editor. Backups are automatically created by Magic Registry Cleaner before modifying registry settings, in case Windows starts experiencing issues afterward and you have to restore them.

Magic Registry Cleaner features two extra fools for helping users tweak their system. A startup manager helps you remove applications that automatically run at system boot and delay it, add new ones, edit their properties, see their position in Registry Editor, as well as view scheduled tasks and local services.

As the name suggests, the uninstall manager can remove programs from the computer. It is also possible to remove their entries from the registry, apply force when uninstalling, open their location in Registry Editor or Windows Explorer, and so on.

There were no kind of issues in our tests, since Magic Registry Cleaner did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time and leaves a small footprint on system resources. To sum it up, this tool delivers a simple and effective solution to fixing registry issues, and it sports other handy functions as well.