Magic Timed Shutdown is a simple to use program designed to automate the system shutdown and block the users’ access to certain applications, processes or websites. The software is suitable for parenting control, since it allows you to restrict the user’s access to the computer between the specified hours.

Magic Timed Shutdown allows you to define, then enable a series of rules regarding the automatic computer power off. These rules include shutdown the computer every day at a certain time, or shut it down at the end of a countdown. Alternatively, you may set the software to power off your station when the PC’s uptime sums a specified number of hours or it is idle for a number of minutes.

A bar at the bottom of the window indicates the system’s idle time, uptime, current download speed and upload speed. In other words, it monitors the computer’s status, in order to determine the trigger for one of the enabled rules. When the indicator value matches the rule, the software automatically shuts down the PC.

The PC Management function allows you to create a list of restrictions and allowances for the other users. Thus, you may block their access to opening a particular application, to chat software, download applications or compression programs. Moreover, you can block Web browsers, online video players, access to computer registry, Task Manager or Control Panel.

The Time Limit allows you to set series of rules regarding computer use prohibition. Thus, you may block the access to the PC or to the network every day between the specified hours. Alternatively, you may set exceptions. The access to modifying the system time, in order to override this rule, can also be blocked.

Magic Timed Shutdown can also record every action it performs, as well as the time or duration and allows you to view them in the log. The program runs in the background, it can be password protected and can automatically start with Windows. Moreover, it can run in stealth mode, so you may set a key combination that can bring up the main window.