Did you know that 99% of internet traffic goes to just about 100 different popular websites such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook & Twitter? We took these top 100 websites and aggregated them for the next edition of our logo based interface.

Since a keyboard is not required for checking your email, twittter & facebook. Magic TV CloudSource will help you control the web using a TV as a monitor. We recommend you acquire a wireless mouse/keyboard for best results.

People wonder why they have bad backs and stiff necks after using their PC. Here is our theory, your are hunched over a keyboard in a crap chair with a mouse on a solid surface for X number of hours a day. Sit back and relax throw away your old mouse and mouse pad, its 2012 time for a change.

Magic TV Cloudsource works with Dragron NaturallySpeaking for voice control of our software.

So, with the help of a microphone you will be able to control everything that happens in the software.

Includes the 20 most popular as well as useful search engines. on the web. The choices include some you probably have never heard of such as Pillbox which allows you easily identify pills based on color, size, and imprint.

Cloud Gaming includes Freerice game which donates food every time you play the game and earn points. The Freerice site is run by the the UN World Food Program.

Catchup TV features over 30 direct network video feeds from their video archives. New additons are 60 Minutes, Fox News, History Channel, Revison 3, Spike TV, Twitter TV and XFinity.

For some features such as CNN you will need to create an account with your internet provider and login for it to work. This will allow you to use a laptop as a TV anywhere

in the world.

The USTVNow service allows free access to ABC,CBS,NBC, Fox, and CW for US citizens outside the United States.