Magic Zip Password Recovery provides a simple, yet powerful service to Windows users. It comes to their aid in case they have forgotten or lost their password to ZIP archives. The app is designed to decrypt the keys by following an intuitive set of user-defined rules. Although it may sound complicated to work with, the program actually addresses both first-time and advanced users.

Setting up Magic Zip Password Recovery is a quick and easy job that requires minimal supervision. When it comes to the interface, it adopts a standard window with a neatly designed layout, where there are only a few buttons available.

You can open a ZIP archive with the help of the file browser or drag-and-drop support, and proceed to the next step to select the recovery method. Magic Zip Password Recovery is capable of using any assigned text document to test all containing entries against the ZIP password.

The other method requires you to fiddle with brute force settings in terms of minimum and maximum key length, along with characters to try: digits, uppercase and lowercase letters, special, all printable or custom symbols. In addition, you can set the beginning characters of the password if you remember them. The application may also be set to use all CPU cores to speed up the entire task, although it is likely to hamper system performance.

We have not come across any type of issues throughout our evaluation, since Magic Zip Password Recovery did not hang, crash or display error dialogs. It uses low CPU and RAM (when the multi-thread option is disabled), and may take a while to decrypt the ZIP password, according to its complexity and settings applied. Nevertheless, the application is fast and easy to configure.