MagicScore OneTouch Composer is an application that helps users easily compose their own songs, and save their compositions to the computer, as well as to edit existing songs in order to make changes to them.

The software comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, which makes it suitable for a wide range of users, including those who do not posses advanced computer skills. However, it includes professional-grade features, which make it suitable for advanced users as well.

With the help of this utility, users can fulfill their dream of becoming composers, regardless of whether they are amateurs, students, teachers, or already recognized composers.

The program provides users with a great deal of song notation capabilities, so as to ensure that can compose the music they want. Regardless of whether it comes down to specific notes, tempo, triplet fields, articulations, lines, or key signatures, the program includes all of them.

Users can insert drum notes, dots, grace notes, and other effects to their songs with only a few mouse clicks. Thus, in addition to composing new songs, they can change existing ones effortlessly.

With the help of this piece of software, users can add a wide range of instruments to their songs, ranging from flutes and saxophones to horns, tubas, drum sets, guitars, and violins, all directly from the program's main window.

Users can increase or decrease the duration/size of notes, beam or unbeam notes, move them up or down, and make various other changes to their compositions with only one or a few mouse clicks, directly from the tool's main window.

All in all, MagicScore OneTouch Composer is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use music composition and notation software, allowing users to easily create their own songs, modify them effortlessly, add instruments to them, and save compositions to files, for later use. It also includes playback options, so that users can listen to their songs in real time.