Irrespective of whether you are a music teacher, you are learning to play an instrument or you are an aficionado who wants to know everything about the music you like, chances are that you tried at least once to compose your own music.

MagicScore School is a comprehensive application that allows you to create your own music by automatically correcting the inputs you copy, insert, delete or transpose notes separately for instance.

While first-time users might get confused or feel intimidated by the abundance of options and features available, the truth is that the interface is structured well in various categories. The main window includes 2 panels, one that allows you to access the compositions you are working on and another pan where you can copy, insert, read and edit notes.

In the lower section of the window, you can access the input groups that you can use to compose music, namely notes, symbols, chords, a piano, a digital keyboard and the navigator function that enables you to find a certain part of the song faster.

You can create a new track by specifying the title, adding parts and setting the time signature or upbeats. Afterwards, you can use the tools available to add notes, chords, design elements, symbols, orchestral instruments and test them in the virtual piano.

It is necessary to mention that you can define volume levels, different effects and other parameters for the entire piece as well as for separate notes seamlessly.

Depending on your needs and projects, you can save finished songs as MIDI files, XML, KAR and SDF or export them to JPG, PDF or MP3. It could support more file formats.

Considering the options and features it comes with, MagicScore School can be a very handy utensil in the hands of music aficionados, teachers or students who want to better themselves.