MagiCure is the only software utility that can recover your PC from any kind of failure in seconds. This application can be used as your personal "time machine" restoring your computer to a previously created snapshot.

In the event of a PC failure, you won't have to waste time fixing it - simply send your PC “back in time” to a point before the trouble occurred, and restore your PC exactly like it was at that time.

MagiCure restores and recovers your PC even if Windows fails to start up. It also recovers from: registry errors; lost and deleted data, photo, image, and music files; incorrect settings and definitions; deadly virus attacks and Trojans; poorly installed software and updates; corrupt or incorrect drivers; malicious software; and much more - quickly, easily, and completely, with just one keystroke!

MagiCure is your “smart guard” that eliminates the need for troubleshooting, endless service calls, or bringing the PC to a technician. Best of all, MagiCure will pay for itself at the first PC failure!